Outreach Activities & Downloadable Resources

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What We Do

We often work with teachers, organizations and businesses to create shark education material, such as a sustainable seafood guide app, shark education lesson plans, presentation slides, coloring pages, pamphlets, etc. We also make commissioned artwork. If you would like to work with us to create shark teaching material for your classroom, or want to use our images to make commercial items, please contact us!

Downloadable Resources

Teaching Plan

A basic introduction to shark species, what challenges they face for survival and how to help. (Available in Mandarin only.)

Coloring Pages

Sea animals of Taiwan

Valentine's Day cards

Wedding Table Cards

Spread the word! Tell your wedding guests why you will not be serving shark fin soup on your big day. "Congratulafins"! (Available in Mandarin only.)

Fin-free wedding card

Chinese New Year

Shark fin often appears in New Year celebration dishes. Be aware and choose to protect sharks to have a prosperous year for you and the ocean! (Available in Mandarin only.)